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Product type
Goat Milk and Oats body bar
Mint herbal body bar
Mint Herbal Body Bar Sale price$8.50
Lavender flowers with crushed lavender buds
Lavender Goat Milk and Oats body bar
Peppermint Tea Tree body bar with crushed peppermint leaves
Witches Brew body bar marbelized and texturedDisplay of body bars; witches brew, canela chocolate, burnt orange patachouli
Witches Brew Body Bar Sale price$9.00
Canela Honeybee body bar half honey and half cinnamon
Canela Honeybee Body Bar Sale price$8.50
Vanilla Spice body bar
Vanilla Spice Body Bar Sale price$8.50
Rose Clay body bar
Rose Clay Body Bar Sale price$9.50
Canela Chocolate body bar marbelized with chocolateCanela Chocolaté Body Bar
Coffee butter body scrub displayed with coffee beans
Coffee Butter Body Scrub Sale price$32.00
Save $4.00pumpkin masks displayed with botanicalsPumpkin mask displayed with sunflower and meadow foam seeds and botanicals
Pumpkin Mask Sale price$20.00 Regular price$24.00
Autumn Body Bar sampler displayed in a black box with dried floral and ribbon.
Autumn Body Bar Sampler Sale price$20.00
Eucalyptus Spearmint body bar with spirulina for texture.
Goat milk cream displayed with florals.
Goat Milk Cream Sale price$24.00
Shea Lux body bar
Shea Lux Body Bar Sale price$8.00
Aloe Calendula body bar blended with aloe and crushed calendula flowers.
Aloe Calendula Body Bar Sale price$9.00
Handmade Concrete Soap Dish Rectangle SmoothWhite Soap Dish displayed with soap.
Ridge soap dish displayed with soap
Lavender Vanilla body bar
Evergreen Lavender body bar
Honey Almond body bar
Honey Almond Body Bar Sale price$9.00
Ginger Lemongrass Neem body bar
Burnt Orange Patchouli body bar marbelized with black walnutBurnt Orange Patchouli Body Bar
Peppermint Leaves body bar with crushed peppermint leaves