Mariposa Essence

Multi Purpose Cleaner


Inhale the refreshing and cleansing essences of Eucalyptus and Tea tree, and the emotionally uplifting power of essential oil of Orange as you clean and disinfect your home. You can use our Multi-Purpose Cleaner to clean your bathroom sinks, countertops, spills, toilets, stoves, and other surfaces around your home.  The powerful combination of Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Orange blend helps eliminate harmful airborne bacteria, disinfect, purify and cleanse. You will want to sing out loud while you transform your space to a happy and healthy place to be.

How to use

Spray surface and wipe with a cloth. 

Avoid using on Granite and other delicate surfaces.  It is recommended to test a small area before applying to entire surface.  


Distilled water, borax, washing soda, suds, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Orange essential oils.

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