Mariposa Essence

Wellness Ritual Kit


Colds, flus or viruses are inevitable during these months.  Having a Wellness Ritual Kit handy will get you through those days when you're not feeling so great. 

A warm bath with healing and soothing essential oils and salts are just what you need for those achy bones. This kit includes natural remedies with essences that remind us of the handmade alcholado rubs Abuelitas made with medicinal plants.  Eucalyptus and Camphor are two main ingredients to help your body heal while the peppermint reenergizes you.  Lather with our rich, creamy bath bar made with healing Eucalyptus and uplifting Spearmint essential oils and after your bath, rub your chest and neck with the healing herb rub.  Then make yourself a cup of Mind, Body and Spirit hot tea to help you relax.  Take the time to heal and you will feel much better.   

Keep this kit handy for a wellness day or send to a love one during the difficult months of the year.  

Wellness Ritual Kit includes:

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