Mariposa Essence

New Moon Ritual Gift Set


Create a magical space where you feel connected to yourself. There’s no better time to start this ritual than during the new moon.

A great idea for a gift that can bring balance and overall well-being to you or someone you love. Celebrate the new moon with all you will need for your meditation and for setting your intentions for the next month. The white sage smudge stick helps to cleanse your space while Palo Santo clears your heart space and prepares you for meditation. The Selenite crystals help to remove energy blockages and assist in shifting your consciousness to an open and meditative space. It is an opportunity for change, for clearing your energies and for feeling uplifted.

Live in the present moment.


  • 1 - Smudge Stick 4"
  • 1 - Palo Santo Stick  4" 
  • 1 - Selenite Crystal 4.25"
  • 1 - 7 Day 20-minute candle set
  • 7 - Daily Growth Cards 
  • Hand-stamped canvas bag

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