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Incense Sticks


Soothing + Calming + Encouraging

Environmentally friendly quality premium incense unsurpassed since 1977. 

Triloka Premium Incense has a richer and more aromatic fragrance. It's the World's freshest incense, and is handmade according to the ancient tradition of India combining natural ingredients and traditional techniques to create incense of the finest quality for aromatherapy, meditation and purification. Each Triloka premium incense stick is individually hand-rolled using the finest herbs, gums, essential oils, charcoal, sandalwood and other pure and natural ingredients. No dipping. Triloka incense will release fragrance even after years of storage because of its quality ingredients.

Use Triloka incense for meditation, relaxation, as a mood enhancer, or as a natural air freshener.

10 Sticks in one pack

Directions: Light the tip of the incense stick. After a few seconds blow out the flame. Place stick in an incense holder or pot of sand to catch the ash. The incense will burn slowly. 30-45 minutes, releasing natural fragrance. 

Caution: Keep small children and animals away from lit incense. Do not leave burning incense unattended.

Printed on recycled paper with minimum 55% post-consumer content using soy-based inks.



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