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Calming Mala Meditation Gift Set


Meditation and mindfulness practices have a variety of health benefits and can help people improve the quality of their lives. Our calming Mala Meditation Gift Set enhances your spiritual practice during each 20 minute session.

This set includes:

The Calming Mala Beads
7 Day 20Minute Candles
Meditate Wellness Roll-on

The Calming Mala Beads by MadeBytheMoonChild: Amethyst and lepidolite aid computer stress, smoky quartz adds protection from negative vibes, calming sandalwood balances and purifies.  It is a sacred item that has been used in temples and shrines. Can make you relax deeply and balance your feelings. Chevron amethyst - sobriety, purity, composure, calm. peps up in cases of perpetual tiredness, resolves persistent anxiety. Lepidolite - aids in setting boundaries. protects the soul from external influences, gives inner peace, and helps with sleep disorders. helps free the mind from distractions, helps one concentrate on important aspects. Smoky quartz - pairs the clarity - inducing vibes of clear stones with the protective do-not-cross-over-this-line vibes of black ones. Sustainably handmade with 108 8mm mala beads.

7 Day 20Minute Candles: 

Each, handmade, beeswax candle included burns 20ish minutes and is the perfect way to encourage yourself (and others) to pause and build in 20 minutes of the wellness activity you need most each day. From reading to praying, journaling, quieting the mind or helping you focus on a particular task for 20 minutes - you can use each candle whatever way will help you the most. Be bold. Cultivate quiet and renewal.  

7 candles + 1 base/candle holder + 7 wooden matches and a striking  pad to light the matches. You'll get a small, yet complete set to jumpstart some much-needed quality time for you or someone you love.

Meditate Wellness Roll-on: Wellness on the go! Rub aromatic oils along any energy center you want to cleanse and find a quiet space to meditate. Made with Jojoba Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Myrrh Essential Oil, Patchouli Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil and Rose Essential Oil. 


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