20 Minute Candle Boxed Gift Set


Not sure what to get someone?
Try this unique, gift set. Fully-wrapped/ready to gift or send. 

Chances are we all could use encouragement to take a little time away from busy schedules to renew and focus...but how? 

20 Minute Candles is the tool to take that time...and really enjoy the experience! 

This is special, boxed gift they won't soon forget!


  • Starter Set of 20 Minute Candles 20 candles, wooden matchsticks, base/holder
  • Aromatherapy Lavender Peppermint all-natural, spritz and allow the scent to help unwind & focus
  • 3 Custom Organic teas Herbal Chai, Natural Peppermint and Green Sunrise Chamomile. Ready to use to brew a warm cup of tea!
  • Custom coaster For use under your candle or a warm mug of tea or coffee
  • Info card Explains what 20 Minute Candles are, how to use them; tea brewing times and ingredients
  • Gift wrapping Gift box (as shown) with a blue ribbon, boxed set color white

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