Mariposa Essence

Four Assorted Spa Bars with Kraft Container


Assorted spa bars for hands and body.

Fresh Herbs and Spice
A four thieves blend with bright notes of lemon and eucalyptus followed by subtle rosemary with a strong spice finish of clove and cinnamon. 85% organic ingredients. 

Lavender Flowers
Lavender essential oil and natural lavender buds. All natural ingredients and contains shea butter.

Christmas Tree
Fir Needle essential oil has the aroma of a Christmas (Fir) Tree.  85% organic ingredients and contains 20% shea butter for a creamy rich bar.

Citrus Spearmint
Orange and spearmint essential oils with goat milk and shea butter make up this blend.  

4 petite soaps in a kraft container with ribbon and hand-stamped tag.
Petite soaps cut into 1" / 2.3 oz size.  


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